Window film is most often seen as a product consisting of two layers (layer that adheres to the glass and a layer that protects the adhesive), similar to the self adhesive tape. However, the first layer, which is mounted on the glass and that makes adequate protection, consist of several polyester layers which make the best quality in the market. The second layer is a transparent polyester, which prevents drying off of glue components and damage while the film is getting ready for installation.                                              The film is only adhered to the glass surface and can not be bonded to any other surface. The metal layer polyester protects from infrared rays (heat) and film protects itself from fading and color shifting.

Films with mirror bounce up to 80% heat (infrared rays). The room temperature can be reduced by up to 10 degrees Celsius using these films. With a decrease in temperature there is also protection against 99% of UV rays.                                              All reflective films have characteristics that give the mirror effect, ie. the mirror is always the other side where there is more light. During the day, you have a mirror on the outside and at night the opposite effect, which means that when you turn on the lights in a room gives a mirror on the inside.

Window film have during their work patented two technologies, SUPER SHRINK and ANTISTATIC. All films intended for mounting on vehicles have both technologies, which means that even the most curved glass can be done from a single piece of film. ANTISTATIC technology allows easy installation because when you remove the protective layer there is no static layer that attracts dirt and dust from the air.

You've always wondered whom to choose?                                              Who is better, or perhaps has a larger selection of window film and acceptable price? How is their film produced? Which manufacturer has special procedures in production?

All films that are installed in our service are fully transparent, optically flawless, made of polyester top quality produced by global corporations in strict accordance with the technical specifications and quality standards, stable on the glass after 10 years. Films that are used belong to HIGH PERFORMANCE series, which represents the latest in what it means to belong to the best films of a certain manufacturer. The specificity of this series of films is the metallized layer which protects the foil itself from external influences and ensure greater durability and longer life.

Svejedno u kojoj ste situaciji odabirom naših folija sigurno pravite najbolji izbor. Montažom folija u našem servisu dobijate doživotnu garanciju i postojanost (gde folije neće izbledeti i dobiti ljubičastu boju). Izgled će biti isti posle nekoliko godina kao i prvog dana posle montaže na vašim staklima.