Dear customers

We would like to inform you that SUN CONTROL LTD (with it's proprietary service and wholesale) exists at a sole location in Belgrade, at Brsjacka 31 street.

Also, we would like to inform you that SUN CONTROL LTD is the only general importer of original Sun Control films. This is because of the fact that as of recently there has been a number of low quality films that surfaced in Serbian market advertised under our name, with marginally lower prices and significantly lower quality.

Originalna Sun Control folija poseduje sun control žig vidljiv na samom filmu , evropski sertifikat o atestu i kvalitetu , doživotnu garanciju na HP filmove kao i originalno pakovanje u sun control kutijama. The original Sun Control film has a visible mark on the film, a European certificate of approval and quality, lifetime warranty on the HP films and original packaging in sun control boxes.

This is the only safe way for you to be sure to have received the quality of original film.

Best regards

Sun Control team