All kinds of film on the windows allow for total protection against thermal infrared (IR) and the harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun up to 99%


Dimming auto glass creates a full protection against UV and IR rays, and thus protect the interior from damage and fading, increases the efficiency of air conditioners, reducing the temperature in the vehicle, increases security (glass shards are contained during break), enables more privacy and makes the car more attractive and gives it a unique look. Great choice of shades and tones enables dimming of the mildest to strongest percentage.


Reflecting films for architecture reduce and eliminate harmful ultraviolet rays which provide interior protection from harmful sun rays, increase the efficiency of air conditioners, light transmission, make the room more comfortable, preserve privacy, prevent bursting upon breakage of glass and decorate internal and external appearance of the building.


Safety film suffer great impact forces, hold shattered glass in one piece and thus protect you from possible injury and burglary inside your space, they also have a European certificate BSEN 12600 standard. Installation of security films prevent easy entry to the building to potential burglars. The strongest materials have great endurance force of up to 55kg per square centimeter.