Rules on the division of motor vehicles and trailers and the technical requirements for vehicles in road traffic

("Sl. glasnik RS", br. 40/2012, 102/2012, 19/2013 i 41/2013)

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Article 72.

The windshield and all the windows on the vehicle or trailer, except for the front windshield of a motorcycle and a moped with two or three wheels and without the driver's cab, an easy four wheel vehicle without the driver's cab and four wheel vehicle which does not have driver's cab must be homologated and built in accordance with the provisions of uniform technical conditions. Windscreens must be laminated and may not be tempered (marked with the sign of homologation "TOUGHENED" or "TEMPERED") glass even when it is subsequently replaced, except for vehicles whose maximum speed do not exceed 40 km/h.

The windshield may not be subsequently dimmed. Front side windows may subsequently be dimmed so that the value of the attenuation of light does not exceed 30%. Other glass on the vehicle may be subsequently tinted without limitation but two side mirrors must exist on a vehicle.

The degree of reflection windows of the vehicle must not exceed 15% in order to avoid dazzling other road users.

The provision of paragraph 2 of this Article shall not apply to vehicles of state authorities.

The provisions of this Article shall not apply to vehicles which have been manufactured or first registered before 1 April 1971.